Behavioral health support can help people feel less trapped

Behavioral health support can help people feel less trapped

Learn why insurance companies, health plans, states and 23,000 employer groups have partnered with us to deliver behavioral health solutions.

Our customer segments range from the employer health plan with 25 members to the school district with 1,200 members, to the high tech company with 12,000 members, to the manufacturing company with 30,000 members and to insurance companies with millions of members.

Our solutions include:

Behavioral Health Plan Administration

This service provides total behavioral health benefit management, including eligibility determination, referrals to contracted network providers for a full range of clinical services, care management, claims payment and outcomes reporting. The services are provided to employers, business coalitions, insurance companies, HMO's, PPO's and TPA's. Full-service carve out behavioral health plan administration, PPO network access, and intensive care management are offered to both self-funded and insured plans.

Psychiatric Disability Claim Management

Disability management services are provided to Fortune 1000 employers, business coalitions, and insurance companies. QHS applies special behaviorally related clinical skills to the management of these complex and costly claims. Managing psych disability claims alone or through the integration of STD, LTD and behavioral health benefits, QHS provides added value to the client.

Employee Assistance Plans

These services help employees and their families with problems in living and work, such as communication, interpersonal relations, stress, financial or legal problems, and substance abuse. Assessment, referral and brief problem resolution are provided either independently or as an integrated component of a behavioral health plan. EAP also includes work place performance, employee education, prevention, intervention services and SAP services for drug free workplace programs. QHS provides on-site management training, employee seminars and critical incident services.

Work - Life Resources

Work-Life Resources are available to Fortune 1000 employers, business coalitions, and insurance companies. QHS work life services provide employees, at no cost, information and referral to life cycle services. The work life program has a wide variety of written, audio, and video material available that address inquiries about children, adolescents, adults, education, life transitions, seniors, and health issues.

Psychotropic Medication Management

The management of psychotropic medications is provided primarily to larger employer health plans and insurance companies. The development of psychotropic medications has alleviated considerable mental and emotional suffering, however the cost to health plans is increasing dramatically and a significant proportion of patients are not seeing the right kind of benefits. QHS provides services that operate in sync with prescription drug plans and result in both reasonable drug costs and improved quality and outcomes for patients.

Behavioral Health Risk Management

Behavioral Health Risk Management is a testing and monitoring program that supports professionals to stay on track when recovering from substance abuse or managing mental illness.

The program offers effective solutions for meeting three key goals:

1.   Supporting public and workplace safety

2.   Assisting workers who have substance abuse and mental health issues so they can continue working safely

3.   Helping to keep experienced, trained, workers and professionals employed in America’s workforce

The program supports employers, boards, and licensing agencies in minimizing safety, health, environmental, legal, public, performance, and productivity risks associated with professionals in need of substance abuse and mental health monitoring. 

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