Providing the Best (Self) Care

A health care worker tames her stress through health coaching

In an organization where the standards of care are already high, Margaret (not her real name) always strives to go the extra mile for her patients. She is uncompromising in her goal to do her best for those that depend on her.

Modern health care workers experience stress

Modern health care workers experience stress

However, this also sometimes leaves her feeling stressed and overwhelmed. She decided to reach out to a health coach because, as he told her coach, “I believe that when I talk things through with someone, I am able to see the problem more clearly and then understand what I need to do.” She hoped that her coach could also bring a new perspective and fresh ideas.

During their calls, they discussed different communication and time management strategies that she could practice to reduce her stress. Her coach pointed her toward resources she had not considered before.  They also talked about self-care, and how making time to care for herself could help her better care for others.

During subsequent calls, Margaret reported that she had implemented many of the strategies she developed with her coach. She also found that she was able to better manage her stress when she got to bed early enough

Margaret was initially hesitant to contact a coach because she felt it would be difficult to discuss sensitive matters with a stranger. But she found that coaching was very valuable to her. “Solving issues quickly … can stop small problems from becoming big ones.  Having a simple, free outlet for doing this is a great opportunity to stay on track for any plan to improve my health and well-being,” she says.  


Built to Last

Nicole finds a way to keep the weight off

Commercial weight loss programs and trendy diets can be remarkably effective in helping people lose weight. The problem is that these kinds of weight-loss solutions teach people only how to lose weight when they are on the diet—when they go off the diet and go back to their previous eating habits, the weight comes right back on.

Weight control is easy with a health coach

Weight control is easy with a health coach

Nicole had experienced this, having lost and gained back weight a few times in her life. When she enrolled in Quality Health Coaching, she was fresh from losing 30 pounds following a commercial weight loss program, but had hit a plateau and wasn’t losing any more. She enjoyed the accountability of the commercial program, but knew that she didn’t like recording everything she ate. She told her Health Coach her goal was to develop a healthier way of eating that was built to last.

Nicole began her journey by vowing to eat healthier foods and focus on portion control. She started having fruit in the evening rather than high-calorie treats like ice cream, and she gave up drinking diet soda.

When she felt that these changes were sustainable, she began to work on exercise. She joined a Zumba class with some friends and loved the social aspect. Other days she exercises at home in the mornings or rides her bike.

Nicole knew she needed to figure out how to maintain her lifestyle change. She’s taking small steps, making progress on her journey, and always learning new things about herself and how to stay healthy.

Now she doesn’t need the structure of a commercial program to help her make the right choices about what to eat. Though she still enjoys a check-in with her health coach for accountability, she feels confident about her ability to maintain her healthy lifestyle choices.