As employees, most of us spend at least a third of our day on the job, so the culture of an organization can have a significant impact on our health and wellbeing.

Ideally, the office should be a place that not only protects the safety and well-being of employees, but also provides them opportunities to improve their health in the long term.

Poor health and chronic diseases like depression and hypertension can contribute to an increase in health-related expenses for both employers and employees, lead to days away from work, and even impact the health of co-workers who may have to struggle to do extra work to compensate for absent colleagues.

Many businesses have realized the importance of promoting a healthy workplace culture. To protect their most valuable asset, namely employees, and to curb the costs of rising health care, employers have begun offering wellness programs to their employees.

Wellness program can give employers a strategic advantage in the marketplace by producing better-performing workers, lower absentee rates, and curbing the incidence of preventable health problems and related expenses. By providing workers with wellness services, companies are improving wellbeing and job satisfaction, as well as raising retention rates. The welfare of employees has a direct impact on the success of the company.

Wellness programs benefit employers in the long term. But wellness programs can produce some immediate benefits to employees. From quitting smoking to losing weight to learning to manage stress, your wellness program can support your goals for better health. And better health will reverberate far beyond the four walls of your office—it will give you more energy and vigor to share with your family, your friends, and yourself.

Below is some actual feedback QHS has received from employees across the country who have participated in their employer’s wellness program:

o    “Thanks for all your help in quitting [smoking]. I'm extremely confident that I can do this and that is in no small measure to your being an objective ear to let me talk it out.” -- male, age 55, Louisiana

o    “Just a short note to let you know that I was unaware on how a short survey could influence a way of life. I for one am very thankful to our company for making this available to its employees. Thanks again.” male, age 55, Texas

o    “I have been in healthcare for 37 years. The QHS weight management program is the best I have seen. The way it was presented was easy to follow and simple to understand. The booklet and feedback report gave many extra ideas to use concerning my weight and you don’t need a second degree to understand the stuff." female, age 59, Pennsylvania

o    “I want to tell you how helpful our talks have been for me throughout the year. It isn't easy for me to open up to anyone, so having you as a sounding board was a true blessing. I still have a ways to go getting to where and who I want to be, but I believe they are attainable goals now, much of that thanks to your encouragement.” –male, age 54, Alabama

o    “I feel like I’m actually gaining ground on my fitness. I’ve been thinking about increasing my running for a long time, but [health coaching has] given me the bump of motivation that I needed.”—male, age 49, South Dakota

o    “This is a AWESOME program! Every company needs "support staff" like the people at Quality Health Solutions to coach and inspire their employees.” –female, age 53, Minnesota

o    "Once I got married and had a child, I started to take my health more seriously. The QHS wellness program planted the seed that it was time to take responsibility for my own decisions. It also provided me with helpful tips to achieve my goals." –male, age 45, Oregon

o    “I decided to participate to earn the program reward and was pleasantly surprised by how helpful and kind my coach made me feel very valued, instead of "forced" to do something!” –female, age 27, South Dakota

o    “The wellness program benefit is by far the BEST benefit I have ever received from an employer - and that is 100% due to my amazing coach. The results of the decisions I made because of her coaching have been profound, and are cornerstones for happiness and health for the rest of my life.” female, age 51, Florida

o    “Getting an [activity tracker] has been great for me. The system worked like it should…Whenever I called with a question about the program or my tracker, the support department was very nice and very helpful.”—female, age 64, South Dakota

o    “I would recommend Health Coaching because it changed my life. It changed my attitude, my outlook on life, I take better care of my personal appearance and I make better choices when eating. It is a great tool”.– female, age 65, Wisconsin

o    “Using the [QHS-provided] nicotine patch has helped me see the light. It’s been a month since I last used tobacco.” – male, aged 41, Wisconsin

Using your employer’s Wellness Program can make positive change happen. Celebrate National Employee Health & Fitness Month by taking advantage of your Wellness Program benefit. Log on to your QHS homepage or call 888-747-2829 and make an appointment to talk to a health coach. Sometimes, all you need is a little nudge to get started on the right path—let your wellness program help you set the course.