July! It’s already July?! Summer always feels like the shortest season of the year. It’s time to seize the day and start living your best summer. 

Here are 5 steps to get started:

  1. Visit a local farmers' market. Summer fruits and vegetables are reaching their peak of flavor. Your local farmers’ market provides a great opportunity to find the best tasting (and often lowest priced) produce in town. Use your farmers’ market bounty to explore new recipes for old favorites like fruit salads, green salads, and wraps! When you have fun adding fruits and veggies into your meals each day, it’s easy to reach your fruit and vegetable recommended intake.
  2. Start a garden. Gardening can reduce stress and can even count as exercise! You don’t even need a big yard to do it: Container gardening can help you create a small sanctuary with containers on a back patio or front porch. Even though it’s July, it is not too late to start planting! Try a fast-growing herb garden with cilantro, basil and mint. Other plants that can handle a late start are beets, broccoli, cabbage or kale. Planting starts may also be a good way to garden in July. If you are new to gardening, be sure to visit your local nursery to learn about what plants grow best in your climate!
  3. Create a Summer playlist. Whether it is for your daily commute or for a weekend BBQ, make a summer playlist. Focus on music that feels like summer to you to help remind you that it’s time to enjoy this season. Choose your favorite oldies, new and upcoming beats, or classic summer tunes—your choice!
  4. Invite friends to a healthy potluck barbecue. Socializing is an important contributor to longevity and mental health. One way to celebrate summer in a social way is to gather friends, neighbors, or co-workers for a potluck. Encourage healthy and wholesome dishes. Feed your social soul with friends and nourish your body with great food!
  5. Take advantage of an earlier sunrise. Sure, it’s always important to get enough sleep (7-9 hours for most adults), but now is the time to take advantage of the early sunrises this time of year and get outside for some movement in the morning before you start your workday. Find a local park, or explore a new neighborhood nearby. Exercising in the morning can help you have more energy throughout your day and guarantees you’ll get in a workout before 8 hours of work saps your energy. When does the sun rise in your town? Check here. A tip for waking up naturally may be to leave your window shades open to see the sun come up.

Now get started on living your best Summer!

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