As November creeps into December, there are more reasons for family time, more reasons for gift giving, and more reasons to eat twelve sugar cookies in one night…. While holidays can bring great joy, they can also bring stress, overeating, and overspending along with it. This year, here at QHS challenge you to keep calm and enjoy the holidays. Here are 3 tips to get started in tackling that holiday stress.


Here are 3 tips to get started in tackling that holiday stress.

Take the minimalist approach to decorating. Part of getting in the holiday spirit is decorating your home to feel cozy and festive. This is important because the weather outside isn’t always the most comforting. But take the minimalist approach if you don’t already have a lot of decorations. Decorations can be expensive and can add up causing financial stress that isn’t worth the extra ornament or pretty bell for the front door. If you want to invest in decorations you can use year after year, think of your storage availability! It’s easy to get caught up in making your home festive and decked out. Keep it simple and light some candles. You can capture cozy with a few festive colors and lights.

Set a Budget for Gifts. In a perfect world, we’d be planning and buying gifts starting in June to budget out in the increase in spending for holiday gifts. But that isn’t always reality, therefore it’s important to set a budget for gifts. Start by creating a list of who all you are buying for. Is the family doing a secret Santa, a gift exchange? What is expected from you? Are you crafty and able to make meaningful handmade items? A way to reduce the burden is give a combined gift to couples. This brings your gift numbers in half!

Enjoy the Small Moments. We can get caught up in planning big events but sometimes simple family game nights around the fire can be the most meaningful during this time of year. Keep the meals simple—people just want to eat and be with each other so limit the fancy, and just keep it warm and yummy.


How are you going to tackle the stress this year?

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