Gifting can be stressful and time consuming! QHS has gathered a gift guide together to help you think of ideas for your friends and family. Giving the gift of health may be the best gift of all- but how do you do that? Here is a carefully curated QHS-approved gift guide to wellness:



Encourage fun in the kitchen, healthy meal ideas and more!

  1. A Meal Subscription. A few are Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Sun Basket.
  2. Healthy Cookbooks. A few good ones: Love Real Food, Thug Kitchen, The Green Kitchen.
  3. Fun Cooking Equipment. Some ideas are a spiralizer, for zoodles(!), a tea pot, cute measuring cups, or a mandoline slicer
  4. Blender such as a Nutribullet, Vitamix, Magic Bullet or another single-use smoothie machine.
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Find the best gadgets and gear to motivate anyone to move!

  1. Workout Clothes. Good-fitting workout clothes can make or break a workout! It can also be motivating to see cute clothes ready to wear before a run. Good moisture-wicking socks, a new pair of shoes, and warmer attire to take on the winter are all great gifts.
  2. Fitness tracker- Think Fitbit, Jawbone, Apple watch, Adidas watch and more. There are affordable and luxury options- pick one!
  3. A GPS Watch or a premium subscription to Strava. Strava is a running and cycling app that tracks your mileage pace and more. Premium allows you to set goals and complete with friends and other users within the app
  4. Gear. Wireless headphones are great gym or running friends. An arm band for your phone keeps your phone out of the way but available for music. A sturdy gym bag gives no excuse to pack in advance for tomorrow's workout.
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Gift the gift of your time to build relationships, serve others and support the less fortunate.


  1. Give the gift of a special outing with a family member or friend. Make this active such as visiting a national or state park. Create this time to be meaningful and friendship-focused. 
  2. Buy a cute mug and put a coupon for a coffee date. Sometimes a conversation over coffee is just what someone wants! The holidays can be busy times where it can be hard to slow down and make time for friends. Create a space for relaxing, debriefing and reflecting on the year.
  3. Volunteer with a local organization looking to improve your community. Invite a friend for a feel-good outing. Remember gifts don't have to only be the physical box under the tree.
  4. Encourage others to donate time and money to your favorite organization instead of gifting something to you.

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